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Rubin set of 6 pcs champagne glasses 220 ml

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Elegant tableware allows you to serve drinks aesthetically. The set of glasses from the Rubin series by Altom Design will be perfect for serving champagne and will also emphasize its aesthetic and taste values. A vessel with a universal shape will undoubtedly be useful in every household.

    The set includes 6 glasses with dimensions:

    • capacity 220 ml< /li>

    The glasses allow you to serve champagne in an aesthetic way. Elements made of glass are durable and will additionally highlight the unique color of the contents. Moreover, the appropriate shape of the glass enhances the unique taste of the drink. The product is equipped with a long, slim leg on a wide foot, which makes the vessel stable. Timeless glasses will certainly fit into classic and modern arrangements.

    • The glasses will emphasize the unique color and taste of champagne.
    • The product is made of high-quality glass.< /li>
    • A long, slender leg on a wide foot ensures a firm grip and stability of the vessel.
    • The universal appearance makes the product fit into both classic and modern arrangements.
    • < li>You can find many other sets of glasses in the Rubin series by Altom Design.