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Enamel pot for cooking jars with lid 13,6 L; 30 cm

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A large enameled pot is an indispensable element of kitchen tradition. In grandparents homes, it was an important, functional item in which you could cook a large portion of broth or bigos.

The Silesia Rybnik brand guarantees the quality and durability of enameled cookware. A large enameled pot is also made from it.

  • The enameled coating guarantees convenient preparation and lasts a long time
  • The large enameled pot isdurable and corrosion-resistant
  • The pot is ideal for preparing large portions of broth, bigos or other one-pot meals
  • Contains a special insert for pasteurization
  • < li>The enamelled coating of the pot prevents sticking and burning
  • The pot is easy to keep clean. It is dishwasher safe
  • The large pot can be used on all types of cookers - including induction